Friday, October 23, 2009

Construction drawings received, building permit applied for!

So yesterday afternoon (Thursday) we received an email from our CSC with our final construction drawings, and a standard email saying that we're to check they're correct, sign and return. With the additional line "Please note no changes or alterations at this stage are permitted"!

Anyway, we had a look through the plans and found a few errors, including:
  • Laundry and powder room tiling not shown
  • Wrong exhaust fan to powder room
  • Data and cable internet access at wrong height
  • FC infill noted where brick infill is
  • Powder room door swings open the wrong direction
and the big one, a muckup in the ensuite shower layout. We swapped around the WC and toilet in the ensuite, so we could get a bigger shower (1600x900) and added a rainfall showerhead in. Anyway, the ensuite elevations were all screwy with the showerhead and rainfall located in all weird positions.

So we sent an email to our csc last night noting these errors. We got an email at 9:30am today saying she was on the case, and revised plans sent through 30 minutes later. Way to go Mendo!

Unfortunately there was one issue now caused, by correcting the powder room door swing direction, the light switch ended up behind the door. So sent another email through, and true to form another revised plan sent an hour later.

Now maybe we're just extremely lucky, or Metricon are desperate for us to sign & approve the construction drawings, but today we've had nothing but excellent service from Mendo and the Metricon drafting team - keep it up guys & gals!

Anyway, by the time I had time to check my email it was after business hours - things look good on the plans now, so we'll sign this weekend and email it back to M.

On other news, "My Metricon" has had a few updates;
  • Finance approval has been received
  • Sewerage/water permit has been approved
  • Contract engineering is completed
  • And Building permit has been applied for today! And Building permit approval is expected to be Oct 28!
Honestly, a few nights ago I had a dream (no joke) our slab was done, and I was walking the dog around it... can't wait for that to come true!

still waiting for our tile selections and costing to be finalised and emailed to us, though we're not sweating on this one, as it's not critical to the initial build stage. I also called our demolition crew to see if they could start early, seeing as the old house is deserted now, but they're flat out with other work and will hopefully start 2nd week of November as planned.

Anyway, the main message here is rule #1 for all home builders - READ, CHECK, RE READ, RE CHECK all your documents and plans before signing anything! And once you've done that, read and check again! Unfortunately I have this niggling little worry that no matter how thorough we think we've been so far, there's probably been a few glaringy obvious errors that we won't become aware of, until they become a problem we have to fix. But that's the fun and risk of building!



  1. Hi, just wondering you mentioned looking at Henley properties earlier on. Just wondering what made you decide on Metricon rather than Henley? Are Metricon cheaper to go with? We built with Henley 4 years ago and were very happy with them. We are thinking of building with them again, but just wondering whether they have changed in those 4 years?

  2. Didn't really go far with Henley at all; Metricon floorplans appealed to us more and more of their 2 storey designs would fit on our narrow block, that's all. I have a friend who just finished with Henley and he's been happy so far.



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