Saturday, September 12, 2009

Studio M Colour Selections done today! Ooops, added another $20k of options....

This morning was the long awaited (long dreaded?) colour appointment at Studio M. For those who haven't built a house, this is one of the appointments you should prepare for THOROUGHLY prior! We've probably put in about 6 weeks of constant evenings and weekends looking through building blogs, driving to visit brick and tile suppliers, driving through suburbs and display villages trying to pick out colours that we like.

Externally, you pick everything from roof tiles, bricks, mortar, cladding render, front doors etc. inside, from the colour of your ceiling to the kickboards in the kitchen - and let's not forget door handles, taps, edges of cabinets etc etc.

Fortunately, I think because of the preparation, we were at our appointment for "only" 4 hours! Anyway, I've spent a bit of time trying to summarise all our selections so that we have a record of what we picked - as we won't see the finished result until the end of 2010!

There are still a few unfinished items that we're awaiting quotes on, including our kitchen cabinetry redesign, a custom 2340x1020 door, prices on upgrading a few other things not in the system.

The final outcome of today? About another $18-20,000 added onto the bottom line of our house...

Anyway, please enjoy the following images, and if you have any questions please post a comment and we'll try and answer as best as possible!



  1. Hi Tim and Tina

    I've been enjoying reading your blog. We are still progressing with our plans....can't wait to start building.

    Isn't the colour selection crazy...I presume it's like speed dating!!!

    What bricks did you end up choosing??

    Cheers Michelle

  2. Hi Michelle - when is your expected start date? We're still waiting on our permit to build over the easement, which I'm going to council tomorrow to check on.

    As for bricks, we went for hawthorn 50mm to facade and 76mm to rest of the house - still lotsa $$$$!


  3. Hi T&T

    We are meant to go unconditional on 25.011.09 however as we are waiting for 'sign and consent'... to move the house forward, so this date may be put back! Although we hope it will all be ready on time.

    Keep up your blogs!!

    Cheers Michelle

  4. Ah that's right, we signed up roughly the same time didn't we :) We're meant to be unconditional on November 24th. M reckon they can get the building permit within 4 days of the final contract, we'll see how true that is!


  5. Hello Tim & Tina,

    We are avid readers of your blog since it is a good guide to building with Metricon. Like you, we chose Nolan model for our dream home.

    We are currently in colours stage. May I ask: were the colour selection sheets you provide in this blog entry provided by Metricon? You see, they just gave us a short list of our choices, with no pictures included. It makes it hard to determine the list is right.

    Anyway, thank you and more power to you


  6. Hi Don - the colours selections with the photos I made up in visio, all you get from M is a collection of 10-20 pages with the selections written on them, at your colour selection appointment bring a digital camera and photograph everything especially the codes for colours!



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