Friday, September 25, 2009

Paperwork getting sorted - and evaporative cooling for sale cheap!

Well, been an interesting week with some paperwork finally getting through the system!

Whitehorse council have sent back our "Building over Easement" application - approved! Took just under 3 weeks, which isn't too bad I reckon! We just now have to get Yarra Valley Water's written approval for the siting, which shouldn't be a problem (touch wood!) as the side easement has no pipes or anything in it. The only YVW asset is the sewer pipe along the rear easement, but we're not building anywhere near that.

Also received a receipt for our triple phase underground power pit from Jemena which should be installed "within 20 working days", $1600.

And finally, a short letter from Heritage saying our Line of Credit application has been pre-approved, and we should be getting the full loan documents soon - maybe next week?

The only holdup so far is waiting on Fiona from Studio M to get back to us on a few corrections to the quotation and colour decisions made at our colour appointment nearly 2 weeks ago. A little disappointing that we're still waiting on just a few points to be clarified and pricing, given that Mendo usually gets back to us within the day, if now within a few hours of emails, but we'll wait until early next week before we try to get in touch with Fiona again. Actually, next Tuesday is our electrical appointment, so since we'll be back at Studio M that day, we'll make a point of getting things sorted out that day.

We're also moving out of this old house by next weekend - and I'll need to get back in touch with the electricity and gas people to confirm the disconnections for the demolition which is booked in for second week of November!

*edit* Oh, and with the evaporative cooling that was for sale - I'm installing it in my parent's house as a christmas present to them now :)



  1. Hi Tim and Tina, your blog is great! Very infomative and your color selections are very similar to ours with our Tribeca 40. Now our Baumatic appliances are in I realise the standard option is pretty average and wish we'd found out how much more it was to upgrade to the ones your chose-do you remember how much they charged for the 900mm cooktop and underbench oven-looks much better than what we have. Also love your square ajustable shower rail-not sure it they had it when we did our color selections last year-was it much more to upgrade. You always see things afterwards that you wish you had have chosen-although i'm still happy with 95% of our selections. Look forward to seeing your house progress.

  2. Hi jspitz - thanks for your positive comment; and your hosue is coming along nicely too! We're also using rameau for our render after seeing it on your balcony :)

    the separate cooktop and oven I think was about $700; its basically the same as the standard upright combination though so I don't think quality is any different, just the style. The taps and showers we chose were pretty much all standard; but it's pretty easy to change to square yourself if you are dead keen on doing that!




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