Sunday, September 20, 2009

Colour selection appointment update, electrical and network planning

Got an email from our colour consultant, after chasing up a few unpriced options from last weekend.

The kitchen redesign is all OK - will be about $1100 for extra pot drawers (I think we're ending up with 13!) and a door to the outside of the island bench. We were quoted $3200 for gloss vinyl wrap (Diamondgloss) to the lower cupboards but the official quote is at $4000, so we're querying that amount.

What else? An extra rainfall shower head to ensuite is about $900, double undermount sinks to kitchen $750, custom sized balmoral door cavity slider to the hallway is $340, that's about all I can remember right now.

So far colour appointment upgrades should be less than $20k when all is finalised... back to 2 minute noodles for a while I guess!

We're also working on electrical. lighting and data plan for our electrical appointment at the end of September. My rough costing based on the prices metricon have provided - hopefully will work out under $10k. Here it is so far - if anyone with experience would like to comment please go ahead!


  1. There's a couple of things I'd thinking about adding/changing. This is what we did for the Nolan, that I can remember! lol

    A light outside the downstairs linen and outside the upstairs linen. When it is dark, it will be a PITA to try to find something in those cupboards without a light source. When the cupboard doors are open they'll block any light from adjoining areas.

    The bathroom light to be a three-way. It sort of defeats the purpose of having direct access from the bedrooms if you have to go back to the other door to turn the light on/off.

    Seperate the 9 family room lights. Have the 6 in the room itself on a different switch to the 3 between the family and the island bench as they are sort of two different areas.

    Have the kitchen lights on seperate switches. The central light on one switch, the island bench lights on one switch and the lights for the cooker bench on another switch. There'll be a lot times you won't need all the lights on.

    The second garage light switch to be at the rear roller door rather than the front roller door. Most of the time when using the front, you'd be coming in with a car so the light would automatically go on with the auto door, but from the rear you may be coming in and out to access tools/etc for gardening and need to turn the light on/off.

    Another light in the master robe area. It's a long area to be lit by one light. Maybe another light in the ensuite too, the shower will be quite dark.

    I'd think about putting the dining room light on the other side of the dining room with the two way switch on the edge of the kitchen. Most of the time you'd be coming from the kitchen to use the dining, with food to put on the table or a coffee etc.

    The best way I found was to go to the display and turn the lights off and see how dark/light areas really are. Of course, you'll have to think about the orientation compared to your house, but I found it really surprising how dark some areas of some display houses can be without a million downlights on!

    Hope this helps. :)

  2. Hi Jo - thanks for your comments, most useful - especially the 3way in the bath, never thought of that one!

    What we've found in the display homes are that all the lights are hardwired - you can't actually switch any of them off!

  3. That's interesting, Metricon used to have it so you could turn them on and off. I guess kids play with them and stuff like that.
    I've asked at PD displays for them to be turned off, they usually do if it's not too busy. Can't hurt to ask... I'm sure they will when they know you are building the house.



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