Sunday, June 22, 2014

Winter update

As usual, life gets in the way of updating blog stuff.

What's been happening around the house? Not a great deal, really. We had a little alcove built in behind the bed in our bedroom which has been fairly empty for a while. I was wanting to put in a fancy fully built out set of shelves, hangers etc, but ended up putting in a basic wardrobe unit the other week.

Why? Well, it was inexpensive, easy and quick to install, plus we have a lot of wire basket shelves that match it that sit underneath. Also added a laminate shelf. Final results looks great and is very practical, but didn't get any final photos. If we ever do end up putting in a custom wardrobe here, it's easy to disassemble it and put it in storage or re-install it in another room.

Also... eventually.... going to plant some of my fruit trees in the ground now that they're dormant. Been saying that for a year or so, so it probably won't happen in a hurry. Should actually get around to doing some front landscaping, but I've been saying that for even longer. Been occupied lately fixing up my track car and there's always something breaking that I get to fix! That's probably one regret I have about our house... didn't put in a 10 car garage with a hoist. Guess if we had that, there would be no room for the house itself!


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