Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY: Recovering another filing cabinet

So I recently scored a few old bits of furniture from a warehouse relocation - I'm a big fan of reusing, redesigning, saving things from the rubbish tip where possible! This filing cabinet has a file drawer and is meant to have two upper drawers, but one is missing.
 Not the most attractive for a modern home! Never mind. Just had to unscrew the rails for the missing shelf.

Bit of offcut of yellowtongue; trimming to size.

 This will form a fixed shelf where the old drawer used to be.
 Think I'll cover it in a matching silver vinyl that I used for a similar filing cabinet recover.
 Fixed into place with 4 countersunk screws - leftover from the rear deck construction.
 Recovering the outside of the cabinet too.
Finish off by covering the drawer fronts, and 99% done - just a little more to cover and the old cabinet will be updated!

There's also a matching huge desk that will get some kind of treatment - I won't cover it in vinyl, got something a little unusual up my sleeve for that one!

As for our garden design, Dave at has been great with rapid responses to our questions, and has come up with some very practical thoughts that we hadn't even thought of. We're working on getting a final layout organised, and for a bonus offer Dave is offering $100 off landscape design packages - but hurry this offer ends July 15!


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