Monday, March 26, 2012

Offtopic.. The Raid Movie!

Caught this preview the other day - nowadays it's actually pretty rare we'll go out for a movie, much easier to stay at home, brew your own coffee and pop your own popcorn and play the movie when you want. Still, I did want to see this at a proper cinema - The Raid has won plenty of awards, but more importantly one poster for the movie stated: "1 minute of romance, 99 minutes of action!", and that's what it delivered!

There's a plot, but it's mostly irrelevant. The 1 minute of romance is quickly covered in the first minute of the movie, after that; it's lots of guns, lots of kicking, punching, knifing, bone cracking, eye gouging.. you get the picture! A serious beat-em up movie, plenty of cringeworthy moments (for the right reasons!), highly recommended!

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