Monday, March 12, 2012

Launch of a new blog - buildingprojecthomes!

Hi everyone - we've recently registered a new website to carry on discussions about project home builders. It won't be specifically about our house, more designed to cater for all project home builders and relevant discussions. The new blog is at, and it's pretty sparse right now because I was waiting for a relevant question to kick it off. This one came from G;

"Hi Tim,

Thank you for all the information on your blog! Very helpful.

We are currently thinking of buying a block (abt 15.2m for W) at Whitehorse area and building our dream home. As always, budget is the biggest concern so we probably won't able to build with M. Like the Camden floor plan of Carlisle and noted that the standard inclusion in the Essential series (prob equivalent as M's Allegra series?) does not provide much.

So I am thinking of checking with you the Nolan that you signed up with M was under which series so that I can budget my cost better. If yours was already at the top of the range and we should add another $100k for upgrades, I think we better drop the idea of building our dream home. (sad but reality is always cruel....)

Thanks again for sharing


which we're replied to at more length on If you have a question you'd like to ask us, whether it's about our house specifically or about building/redeveloping in general, please ask it by posting a comment at and hopefully we'll be able to answer it there!

This blog will still get the occasional update, there's not a great deal left to finish off (except the backyard which is being overrun by weeds!)


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