Sunday, December 13, 2009

Phone line moved - can we please start building now?

Unbelievably, we've got the phone line moved already! Didn't think Telstra moved that quickly, but there you go. Only took the young bloke less than a hour to replace the telephone cable to the neighbours house, so it now crosses in from across the road, instead of across our block. Nice one mate!

Finally, nothing but clear sky over our land. Have emailed our preconstruction CSC and our new construction CSC (we haven't spoken to her yet) to let them know the site is finally cleared and ready to go. While there's no chance of site start before xmas, I'm hoping that we might be told before xmas when site start will be next year!



  1. Are you going to cable yourself after construction is finished?

  2. After construction is done, Telstra will connect the house to the underground telephone pit, so no overhead wires. Though we'll probably get Optus cable internet, which is an overhead wire.



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