Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Deck Part 6: All done (bar the staining!)

So here's the result of our summer project;

Deck after a rinse and a bit of a scrub. Getting conflicting opinions on whether to clean the deck now and stain, or wait 6 months then clean and stain. If only the deck was this clean and shiny all the time!

Installing deck lights - if I was more prepared, I would've ordered these from eBay and saved 40%, but since I needed to wire in the transformer and run cables under the deck, had to buy them from the Big B at full retail *gasp*. There's 6 lights pointing upwards and 4 pointing out towards the "garden" at the back.

A dusk shot. The LED lights are surprisingly bright, once the backyard is properly finished, it'll look great! Now have to decide what to do with all the weeds and rubble littering the backyard - maybe paving around the deck? Lawn/turf? More mulch? More decking?



  1. Guys,
    Decks has come up a treat - especially like the lights. Will be referring back to the last few posts after we hand over as a guide.
    Keen on a post re your new door dampeners - can you do a review when they are avail.

  2. All looking good, T&T. Well done.
    We'll sure are going to be referring back, as well, to all your DIY guides, once we start doing ours, as well.

    Any plans on what the front would be like? We're tossing between getting a brick fence with steel infills or just an open front with a wide brick post to house the letter box. Still going thru some of the other blogposts just to get some ideas.

  3. Deck looks good! I though i might share a tip. I have found washing the deck with warm water and nappy san strips out the tannin's and also cleans it amazingly. After that give it a hose down. After its dry you can apply the oil or stain. This stops you having to wait a few months for the tannin's to naturally lech out. Alternatively there is an amazing timber protectant called Cutek CD50 that i now use on all my decks. (btw Im not a slaes man :-)) Good luck with the rest of your project

  4. Great work T&T -- The deck looks great :)



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