Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY: Landscaping continues

So last weekend, decided to push on to get more of the front landscaping done. With the hard work of carting many wheelbarrows of aggregate around the house completed, we got 6 cubic metres of black wood mulch delivered.

We chose black wood mulch primarily for its appearance - if you've got garden beds or trees you want to mulch, black wood mulch is probably not what you want!

Anyway, with a bit of help from Tina and my parents, we got the mulch roughly spread out across the front in about an hour. It'll help keep down weeds when it's laid out a few inches thick, and gives a pretty modern, sleek look to the front.

Have done a little tidying up in the front since then, but it's come a long way from the builder's rubble that was there before!

And speaking of builders, there's still one sticking point left. Just like Megan & Stefan, and I guess pretty much anyone who's ever built a project home, Metricon haven't got back to me yet on our bowed ensuite door - noted at handover and 90 day inspection, all the way back at the start of 2011. I sent a very polite letter into the service department about a month ago, and that was met by deafening silence. Wonder if if anyone reading this blog works for Metricon and wants to look up my case and get back to me?

Coming soon (probably not)... planning to build a deck!



  1. Hi Tim and Tina
    We did notice the comment on your blog. In order to follow up internally it would help to have either your contract name or address please. Can you contact 1300 METRICON or email us via the site to provide the details.
    Many thanks
    The Metricon Team

  2. There is someone from Metricon reading your blog. I saw a mention on the faebook site, which was posted by Metricon themselves, which means someone has seen it, whether they pay attention is another thing.

    Start bagging them, and they might start to listen.

  3. Hi guys,

    Amazing, the lack of attention a home builder gets from Metricon, once they've got your money and have "moved on". Their inspection tactics are mediocre, at best, and not at all consistent across the company. It doesn't bode well for the reputation they're creating. I thought it was worth mentioning to you that we had a bowed external french door that needed replacing because they failed to seal the top of it. I'm not sure why they're leaving you guys in the dark about yours - they agreed to have ours replaced and delivered a new door just recently. When will they actually install it is anyone's guess, but they've at least acknowledge it is a defect.

    The inconsistencies is driving me nuts - we've raised an issue around scratches on glass from the initial handover cleaning, and they had the nerve to say,"Why are you bringing this up now?" Uhm, hello - we've told you about this before, but while we're on the topic, why do we NEED to bring this up now (one year later), when this should have been resolved 275 days ago. They then said that it likely wouldn't be replaced, only to hear from a neighbour down the road who built with Metricon, and was able to have the scratched windows replaced (albeit after a bit of a fight).

    I can only assume that Metricon's social media monitoring is virtually non-existent. Otherwise, they'd realise that their reputation for being a reputable builder is quickly going down the drain.

    Anyways, enough of that. If you guys do end up getting ahold of someone at Metricon to have them address the door issue, feel free to point them to our website.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Metricon - I've sent in am email via your website as I don't have a specific person's email to send my letter in to. Would appreciate a reply.

    Anonymous - see above! I think we publish fair and unbiased entries on our blog. If something goes wrong, we'll write about it, but when things go right we'll also acknowledge that too. If/when Metricon reply to our letter satisfactorily, then we'll say so :)

    Stefan - Good to hear your door issue is being seen to. As you say, ironically, inconsistency is the only thing you can count on! And with social media carrying a lot of influence upon today's internet-savvy consumers, both bad and good aspects of any company can be quickly assessed!


  5. That's why Metricon is called a "volume builder".



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