Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you use a computer, you NEED this!

Nowadays, pretty much everyone is dependent on computers, and two recent near-tragedies happened to my brother (his computer caught fire - seriously, it did!) and my sister (after spending many months overseas, her netbook started smoking!) What is it with my family starting fires in their computers?

Anyway, my brother had all his documents, resumes, job applications etc on his computer, and my sister had over 10,000 irreplaceable travel photos on her netbook. Fortunately I was able to pull apart their machines and save the data on their hard drives, but really - it's all about backing up and protecting your precious data, which we typically only think about once the tragedy has happened!

So I've researched various ways to backup your stuff, and the best one I've found by miles is Dropbox. It works on PCs, Macs, even Linux. Just sign up (free!), install the software on any machines you want to use (I have it on two desktops, my laptop, my iPhone and iPad) and it automatically syncs and backs up your important data online, and makes it instantly available to all your connected devices, or anywhere with an internet browser!

Normally you get 2gb storage as a free user (which if you only backup your important files should be plenty), but if you use my special link to sign up to Dropbox, you'll get an extra 250mb bonus storage, again for free!

You gotta be pretty good to get the thumbs-up from me, but this service is brilliant. And if you don't sign up for it, you'll wish you did when your computer catches on fire and you lose years worth of work for nothing. I'm using Dropbox to backup my company data, tax returns, travel documents, important photos and more.

Funny enough, there's a dropbox cartoon illustrating exactly what happened to my family's computers...


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