Tuesday, March 8, 2011

90 day service: Reviewing unfinished work

So, many many month later... still working on getting things fixed from the "90 day" service inspection. Our ensuite has 2 cavity (sliding) doors, one of them is fine, but the other one has a bowed frame so the door scraps along the frame itself.

It was like this before handover, it was "fixed" at handover, some kind of dodgy job obviously because a week later it bowed again, and it's still like this now.

The service manager at first said it would be fixed - the tradesman sent around to fix it said he couldn't do it. When I called last week to find out what was happening, the manager then said he "probably couldn't" fix it. Obviously not happy to settle for that answer, so I got him out here today to check it again. Since it hadn't magically fixed itself, he called Canterbury who supplies these things - no reply apparently, so when he gets in touch with them, he'll call me. If I don't hear anything by next week, I'm back on the phone - again.

And don't even get me started on the work in the garage.



  1. it sounds like you have had 2 sets of experiences

    a pretty good experience with metricon etc during construction

    but it appears its been pretty poor post handover?

  2. Hi Tim - how's it all going.

    Yes - I've failed to keep up our blog. We're at the last stage of our construction, one more little invoice to go.

    We're on our 6th site supervisor - what a joke!



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