Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Broadband - naughty Optus! NBN failboat.

So Optus is getting a slap on the wrist for advertising "Unlimited" broadband - with some limits.

ZDNet reporting on Optus misleading advertising

The analogue equivalent here is of a restaurant advertising an "All You Can Eat" seafood buffet for $29.95 - but after the first plate of food, you're only allowed to have dry crackers and water. Naughty Optus (but then again, they're not alone in misleading advertising!)

When we were planning the house, it's wired for cable broadband, but we decided to go with ADSL2+. Mainly because there's only two players in cable broadband in our area, Tel$tra and Optus, and a duopoly is no better than a monopoly. Oh well - the cable provision could always be used for Pay TV, though I reckon that's an absolute waste of time & money.

At first I wanted TPG, but all their nodes were full in our area, so we went with iiNet. Slightly more expensive, but probably the best customer service I've ever experienced, so two thumbs up for them!

And is anyone else wondering how much more Australia can screw itself up by building the NBN? Let's invest bazillions of dollars into a "broadband" network that's outdated and overpriced even before it gets started. Sending data through bits of wire and glass is as outdated as the landline phone. Plus the argument that Australia is a bigger country with less population density compared to everywhere else is a fallacious argument - population centres are dense and localised. As usual, Stephen Conroy shows how out of touch with reality he is by stating Australia's population density is 2.7/square km - even a Year 7 student knows that stating an average value is meaningless, because the average human has one boob and one ball. Myki fiasco x 10,000.



  1. Sorry really can't agree about the NBN, having been connected to fibre I wouldn't go back. Watch what happens as the aging copper network dies a slow and painful death. It's already happening here on the Gold Coast as Telstra refuses to spend any money on repairing or upgrading the existing copper network.

  2. Charlie - think you're misunderstanding my point. It's not the speed of the NBN that's the problem, I like fast internet more than the next guy.

    It's the fact that compared to South Korea, it's costing 24 times as much (probably more like 40 times once cost overruns start to happen) and will provide a top speed that's 1/10 of what South Korea already have.

    Imagine South Korea having a $100,000 Ferrari - while Australia decides to go a buy a $4,000,000 scooter.

    And ultimately, when the NBN is finally finished at a cost of $231,342433,$@@#$,,3432,!!!, the rest of the world will be on wireless technology that (by that time) be further reaching and faster than data delivered using any physical medium. Fucking politicians.

    I was going through my cupboards when moving house and found a Maestro 2400bps modem that cost $850 in 1994. Technology improves at such rapid pace that whatever imaginary speeds the NBN may achieve one day will be outdated by the time its rolled out, and let's not forget our government refuses to do any public cost-benefit analysis - becvause they KNOW it's not cost effective. We all pay a shitload of tax to our government, so we should care a whole lot more about how it's spent, but no-one seems to be outraged enough to care! Fucking politicians once more!




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