Saturday, December 11, 2010

More DIY shelves - laundry cupboard and pantry

Figured while I was going about making shelves, I'd add another one to the laundry cupboard and pantry. With the tall 2.7m ceilings, there's a huge amount of empty space above the standard 4 shelves the builder provides. To be honest, if we had thought about this we would've got the builder to add another 1 or 2 shelves, I'm sure it wouldn't cost too much extra - handy hint for anyone building with taller ceilings! Get tall doors, maybe raise your robe fitoffs, maybe add in extra shelves.

As it is, it costs about $10 per shelf in materials, so it's not that much anyway, just time and tools to make. This is the laundry cupboard, full of junk. The starserve is up above the top shelf, as well as all the data fitoffs, as well as my adsl modem router.

I simply measured the width of the shelf and cut some melamine to suit, and cut up a couple of additional bits of melamine for end supports. This shelf, just like the shoe shelves, simply sit on top of the existing shelf so if we ever want to remove them in future, just lift them out.

End result, another shelf above the top shelf in the laundry cupboard. I won't be putting anything heavy up here, but it's good to have the extra storage. Did exactly the same for the pantry.

We have our 3 month maintenance coming up soon, so this weekend we're going through the house to check the operation of all the doors, windows, checking cornices and other joins for cracks etc. We've been keeping a list ever since handover, so this we'll submit next week.



  1. Hi Tim/Tina,

    We've been following your blog because we are also building Nolan at Sydney. Congratulations on your new house! It looks great!

    We just want to post a quick question. Do you have a cement landing in your front portico/porch? Is this part of the standard inclusion or is it an upgrade?


  2. Hi JR - with our Chateau design it includes concrete to the portico standard (but not the outdoor room). Not sure how it is in NSW though, I know the standard stuff is very different between all the states. If you get the standard working drawings for the Nolan in your state, it'll show whether the portico concrete is included or not.




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